Our story

TaylorMade Gifts and Flowers is a convenient and distinctive gifting solution, offering fresh flowers, succulents, and gift boxes at the click of a button.

We strive to source gift items that are locally and sustainably produced. In this way, we support proudly South African small businesses, while bringing you high quality and uniquely curated gift options.

In an effort to be kind to the environment, our packaging is made from cardboard or wood, which are both reusable and biodegradable. 

Created by a mother and daughter team, TaylorMade Gifts and Flowers is a family-owned business that is passionate about sharing the joy of giving with others. “Gifts” are one of the five universal love languages and we give gifts to show love and appreciation to the important people in our lives, whether it be family, friends or colleagues. We help you celebrate every special occasion with ease and thoughtfulness.

With almost 30 years’ experience as an event and wedding florist, Annette is very knowledgeable in floral styling and brings her creative flair to each personalised client request. Tennille has a career of 10 years in the public relations and marketing industry and specialises in creating digital marketing strategies for brands in the online era.

Together, the dynamic duo combines their skills, creativity, and passion to bring you TaylorMade Gifts and Flowers.  


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